Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Want An iPad? Raid Your CD Collection.

Be honest. Somewhere, in the back of a hall closet, you have an old Ricky Martin CD collecting dust. Oh, it’s there. Right next to Kris Kross, Deee-Lite, The Verve and Bo Bice. But don’t worry. Thanks to iPodMeister, you can trade in those long-forgotten gems for the latest and greatest gotta-have: an iPad. Too good to be true? According to The New York Times, this is the real deal. iPodMeister was founded by a group of musicians and students who realized that, though CDs are virtually worthless in the US, they can fetch higher prices abroad. So, they collect your discarded CDs or DVDs and give you an iPod, iPhone, or iPad in return. This saves “The Macarena” from ending up in a landfill somewhere while giving them valuable merch to peddle in foreign lands. Everybody wins. How many CDs do you need to trade? Here’s a list. Yes, it’s a lot, but as The Unnofficial Apple Weblog reports — an iPad ain’t cheap. Frankie say “go for it.”

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