Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Truth About Twitter.

Despite everything you see/read/hear in the media, it’s not all good news in the Twitterverse. A recent study of usage shows only 21% of users are "active users," meaning they follow at least 10 people, have 10 followers and have tweeted 10 times. The report also claims that 34% of Twitter users hadn’t tweeted even once, while a whopping 73% of Twitter’s users tweeted less than 10 times. That means Twitter isn’t really as universally used as the media might lead us to believe. In fact, a relatively small percentage of users (about one-fourth) account for nearly all the tweets. So, it’s much ado about … well, not about nothing. Twitter stats are skewing the right direction. But as it stands, not having a Twitter account doesn’t mean you’re as behind the times as you might’ve thought. It doesn’t automatically render you irrelevant as some clients fear. Our advice: don’t jump on the Twitter bandwagon just because there IS a Twitter bandwagon. There are better reasons to join. And depending on your business, plenty of reasons NOT to join, too.

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