Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy 30th, Happy Meal.

Believe it or not, the Happy Meal turns 30 today. We won’t get into child obesity issues here (much too heavy a subject for this blog), but as a marketing strategy, this was genius. McD’s has sold over 20 bilion (that’s billion with a “b”) of the iconic little boxes which revolutionized they way kids eat out and led the way for everyone else to follow. And the toys? Well, that’s a whole industry in itself. No word about a Happy Meal giveaway to celebrate today. Pretty lame, clown.

On a related note, young Sam Mathews had his first experience with a McDonald’s PlayPlace this week. According to sources (thanks, Carol), Sam was amazed that there was a place you could eat AND play on a playground. And a slide on the INSIDE!!!! – well, that blew his little mind.

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