Sunday, July 19, 2009

Got An iPhone? Got An Appetite?

Pizza Hut is the latest to jump on the iPhone app bandwagon — but the first pizza chain. It’s part of their goal to pass $1 billion in online sales by 2012. “The Hut” (a name they will adopt in some digital-marketing efforts) also offers mobile, text and web-based ordering, an ordering platform on Facebook (with nearly 1 million fans) and a new Twitter effort (they’ve hired a “twintern” whose sole responsibility is to tweet to The Hut’s 14,000 followers). We can imagine the tweets now: “Makin’ dough.” “Slicing pepperoni.” “Please, call us ‘The Hut’ … it’s cooler!” Anyway, the real news here is that you can now order pizza USING YOUR PHONE! Hey, wait a minute …

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