Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Brand Names Up For Auction.

Looking to start an airline … or maybe sell some beer? Want to get that new cinema chain off the ground? Want to do it all without starting from zero? Then an upcoming auction by Brands Holdings USA may be for you. The company, which has been snatching up trademarks over the years, has decided to auction off 150 of them. Which means you could buy the Meister Brau brand, Cousin Eddie’s favorite beer. Also on the block: Handi-Wrap, a plastic wrap once sold by Dow; Lucky Whip, a dessert topping first sold in 1958; Braniff International, a Dallas-based airline that ended service in 1982; hair-care products Long & Silky and Short & Sassy; even the not-so-old tech brand Infoseek and the very old tech brand Victrola. You can see the full list here. My favorite? General Cinema. They introduced me to Han Solo and Indiana Jones (which is why I forgave them for charging me to see Ishtar).

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