Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Turn Left ... It Is Your Destiny.

It's official: Tom Tom rocks. We're big fans of innovation and creativity, so when a product taps into legions of fans in an unexpected way, we applaud. Tom Tom, makers of those portable navigation systems that tell us how to get to the closest Starbucks when we're out of town, isn't taking the expected innovation route (new and improved maps! Now in 3-D!). Oh no. They've licensed celebrity voices to give you directions. From Homer Simpson to Mr. T, you can have some of your favorites tell you where to get off (the highway). Other GPS makers are in on it, too, but Tom Tom scored big by landing Star Wars voices. You can now have Darth Vader as your co-pilot, with C-PO, Yoda and Han Solo coming this summer. Awesome. Entertaining. And more importantly, differentiating. The (sales) Force is with them.

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