Friday, February 12, 2010

Super Ripoff?

With the SuperBowl claiming the top spot as the most-watched broadcast ever, a larger than usual number of folks are buzzing about the spots that debuted during the game. One spot, in particular, is getting more attention than its creators might be comfortable with. “Sleepwalker,” created by ad giant Wieden & Kennedy for Coca-Cola, seems to many people VERY similar to an 8-year-old ad for an Israeli milk brand. It’s the same concept (sleepwalking dude wanders for miles until arriving at his goal – a bottle of milk Coke.). Coke says it’s a coincidence. Fine. Of course, with both spots having THE EXACT SAME MUSIC (Ravel’s “Bolero”) … well, that’s a little suspicious, don’t you think? But we’re not judging. We once showed up at a trade show to find another exhibitor using the same concept as we’d built our entire trade show campaign around. Luckily, ours was more comprehensive. Bigger. Better. But wow. It was a shock to see them standing on the same platform we’d created. So … coincidences do happen. And they can be uncanny, especially in this business. So the jury is still out. What do you think?

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